Jørgen K. Hansen Enjoys Prison Life in Cambodia

The Danish businessman and third-world supporter Jørgen K. Hansen is still imprisoned in Cambodia at the Banteay Meanchey Provinsual Prison close to Poipet suspected for having sex with minors and being involved in procuring. But he is not completely abandoned:
 “Everyday, his friends come to visit him and everyday, a Cambodian woman, one of his friends, brings him food,” says one of the prison guards, Sang Rattaná.

Among good friends
Wednesday the 10th February I meet Jørgen K. Hansen in the courtyard at the Banteay Meanchey Provincial Prison where he is still waiting for the trial to begin. I am interested in when the trial will begin, which for now nobody seems to know.
Jørgen K. Hansen is seated in the middle of group of a Cambodian people and a woman is giving him a back massage. When I try to talk to him, he plainly refuses to talk.
“Go! – Go away!” and “Fuck off!” he says several times. Finally he calls a guard, who shows us the way out of the prison.
Just outside the prison we get in contact with a Cambodian woman who claims that she and her family have been very good friends of Jørgen K. Hansen for several years. She also tells us, that she is the person who brings food to him in the prison every day.
The Cambodian woman says that she and her family have been to Denmark to visit Jørgen K. Hansen and that they in some periods have lived in the same house in Cambodia.
Her husband is interpreter for Jørgen K. Hansen. The husband confirms that but he denies being a close friend of Jørgen K. Hansen and refuses to talk about the lawsuit.

With money you can
Sang Rattaná, one of the prison guards explains that all the prisoners have to work every day in the prison. But he also tells that Jørgen K. Hansen never works and that he sleeps in a bed while the other inmates sleep on a mattress on the floor.
Police sources tell me, that personally they believe that Jørgen K. Hansen might be able to pay his way out of his problems in Cambodia:
“If he has enough money and a good lawyer maybe he could just walk out from here as a free man when the trial finish,” my contact suggests.

Background story
Jørgen K. Hansen was in November 2009 arrested by the Cambodian police together with a 13-year old girl in the border town Poipet.

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