Danish Women’s Network in Thailand: Children’s Carnival 2010

Text and photo: Majbrit Madsbøll / Maiken Hallingskov

This year’s carnival celebration was on the 7th February from 10-13. One week before our friends in Denmark celebrates this day. But in Thailand we had to prevent clashes with the Chinese New Year and the school vacation.
We were about approx 34 big and small who meet at Maiken’s in the compound Hyde Park. Fantastic surroundings for this day, where we could enjoy the big garden, enjoy the view of the lake, and take swim in the pool.

Break the barrel
When the children had been divided in two groups: below and above five years of age. We started the Danish tradition: “Slå katten af tønden” and all the elves, princesses, pirates and spider men did their best stroke to break the barrel.
In the group of children below five years Kristian finally did break the barrel became “Kattekonge” and Martin became “Kattedronning.”
In the group of children above five years Zaccarias became “Kattekonge,” and as the best dressed up Caroline and Maria was honoured.
Then we had a big brunch in the garden, everyone had brought along their own food, so there was something for every taste. In the worst midday heat the most of the children enjoyed the pool. Later on we played the game “Kartoffel løb” to big amusement for everyone.
All in all a great day for everyone.

Thanks to
We would like to give special thanks to Rikke David and Susanne Morch, which did buy and bring the barrel from Denmark to Bangkok. We also want to thank Nilas from SAS.

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