China is The Hub of Global Economic Growth

While the rest of the world is in the slow lane of the recession, China has taken the fast lane with high growth rates, offering major opportunities for Danish businesses. DI is organising a seminar that precisely focuses on the rapid Chinese evolution Tues 13 of April 2010.
While most of the world records negative growth rates, China is experiencing the exact opposite. Last year the Chinese growth rate clocked 9.5%.
“Danish exports to China currently constitute 2%, but by 2030 they may grow to nearly 9%. This means that the Chinese export market would only be surpassed by Denmark’s largest conventional markets, Sweden and Germany,” says DI’s China expert, Consultant Nis Høyrup Christensen.
He stresses that China could develop from being Denmark’s 13th largest export market to being the third largest in a few decades.
“This can become a reality if the Chinese economy continues to expand and if Danish businesses understand how to get their share of the benefits,” Nis Høyrup Christensen predicts.
DI has invited several international experts to express their views on central issues regarding China’s continued expansion and increasing importance for all of us.

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