Danish NGO Danmission Develop Engagement in Burma

Back in 1993 Danmission begun their involvement in Southeast Asia in Cambodia, in 2007 they decided to go into Burma as well.

Further engagement
Until now has the work in Burma concentrated about establishing some close and fixed contacts with organisations in the country, but now Danmission is hiring country coordinator.
According to Danmission’s website their main focus in Burma is dialogue between different ethnic groups and to support the Christian church there.
 “We are planning to consolidate our work in Cambodia and to further develop our engagement in Burma,” says Betty Thøgersen from Danmission and continues:

“Right now we preparing a new agreement with Danish International Development Assistance (Danida). But it is a long process, which takes about one year in total.”

To get the agreement with Danida, Danmission has to extend their activities and employ more people, that being the main reason for hiring a country coordinator.

Solid economy
The point of the new agreement between Danida and Danmission is to get a three year framework agreement instead of applying for economic support project-by-project.
“We hope to be the ones to be chosen but there is still a lot paperwork to be done. We are counting on getting the final answer from Danida in December this year,”  says Betty Thøgersen from Danmission.


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