Annual Meeting Between Norwegian NGOs and the Embassy

The Norwegian Embassy had a fruitful seminar with Norwegian NGOs working in Vietnam, Paccom and Norad March 19 in Hue
After several field visits to Norwegian NGO projects the day before, the seminar focused on experiences from the work of NGO’s in Vietnam, including a presentation of recent and ongoing changes of NGO regulations in Vietnam by Director General Don Tuan Phong from People’s Aid Co-ordinating Committee (Paccom) in Vietnam. He stressed the solid efforts of the Norwegian NGO’s already present in Vietnam, and welcomed more organizations to the country.

The Vietnam Model
Director Terje Vigtel from the Civil Society Department in Norad summarized the annual NGO meetings as successful events:

– This way of arranging meetings; with field visits organized by the NGOs themselves and the inclusion of all stakeholders gives a unique opportunity for discussion. We now call this “The Vietnam Model” in Norad, and urge other Norwegian embassies to copy this model, Vigtel said.

– Paccom’s presentation and presence is particularly important. Every development partner country is different and close cooperation and contact with local authorities is always important, Director Vigtel continued.

Several Norwegian Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are represented in various areas of socio-economic development. Nordic Assistance to Vietnam (Norwegian Church Aid), Plan Norway, SOS Children’s Villages, The Norwegian Mission Alliance, Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Peoples Aid, Danang Sculpture Foundation and Norcode were all represented at the annual meeting. Many of these organizations pursue activities to relieve suffering, promote the interests of the poor, provide basic social services, undertake community development or promote cultural cooperation and exchange.

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