First Secretary: Equality Begins in The Kitchen

First Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi, Ms Elsa Håstard promoted Sweden’s values on gender equality at a training workshop opened in Hanoi recently, which focuses on the involvement of boys and men in preventing domestic violence.

After sharing her own experience on how her husband went to a training course for fathers, Ms Elsa Håstad stressed: “Equality begins in the family, we usually say  this in Sweden, which is true. The family is the place where you share the housework, where you in reality show values of equality that you then pass on to your children. Equality also begins with men getting involved and men getting engaged in the strive for equality. No country can achieve gender equality unless you mobilize the whole society, both men and women.”

The five-day training workshop “Working with Boys and Men to Prevent Domestic Violence” is part of a project funded by Sweden to the Centre for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Families – Women and Adolescents (CSAGA). Trainers at the workshop are Vidar Vetterfalk and Peter Söderström, who will share the participants their experience and new methodology in working with boys and men to get them involved in preventing domestic violence.


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