Danish PHD Programme For Chinese Top Students

A new Industrial PhD Programme seeks to attract top students who will earn a PhD degree by doing research both at a university and with a Danish company. Next application deadline is 12 April 2010.

The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has launched an initiative to strengthen the relationship between Danish and Chinese science and technology communities. Chinese top students can apply for an Industrial PhD Programme in cooperation with a Danish company.

The programme promotes mutual interchange of knowledge between Denmark and China by educating scientists with an insight into the commercial aspects of research and development in both countries. Another crucial element is the development of personal networks in which the interaction between companies and universities can be strengthened.

Industrial PhD projects that have been granted through this scheme will be 3-year PhD projects conducted in cooperation between a private company, a university and the Industrial PhD student. The student is employed by the company and enrolled at the university and divides his or her time between the two workplaces.

Candidates applying for the programme must hold a master degree from a Chinese institution of higher education and also hold grades from the top third of the grading scale. The collaborating company must have divisions in both Denmark and China.

A handful of projects have recently been approved after the first application deadline. It is still possible to apply for the programme as the next application deadline is on 12 April and 16 August 2010.

The PhD Programme is one example of the cooperation between Denmark and China in the field of education. A new Sino-Danish University Centre will be established in Beijing in 2013 is another. The university centre will facilitate the exchange of scientists and students between Denmark and China, and is expected to host around 100 scientists, 75 PhD students and 300 graduate students from both Denmark and China.


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