All Scandinavian Airports Closed

The European airports closes in a row as the Icelandic ashcloud spread over Europe. The particles from the ashcloud can make the aircraft engines to put out, and therefore the authorities take no chances.

According to the European organization for aviation safety Eurocontrol, 17,000 flights in European airspace will be canceled during the day. Usually there is 28,000 flights per day in Europe.

 According to Eurocontrol weather forecasts suggest that the ash cloud still the coming days will bring problems to air traffic.
“The volcanic ash continues to move east and south-east, and its impact will continue over the next 24 hours”, said Eurocontrol.

Countries that have closed their airspace comprises Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and parts of northern France, including all airports in Paris. Many large airports in Germany have also been closed, including the airports in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.

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