Private Banking with “Home Field” Advantage

Private Banking with a Danish bank gives a kind of a “home field” advantage if you are Danish, says Alex Slot Hansen, Vice President for Private Banking.
“When banking with us, Danish clients have the home field advantage,” Alex Sloth Hansen explains.
“This means that we call on our clients where they live their everyday lives – even in Asia where we visit every second month. We arrange local customer events, hold meetings and is an active player in the activities of associations on a regional level.”
Sydbank offers a variety of Private Banking solutions, including wealth advisory and tax consultancy services which are among the core competences of the bank. In addition, the bank also gives advise on relocation and repatriation issues and provide individual investment solutions.
If you have no clue what he is talking about, don’t worry. You don’t need to be a banking expert to benefit from the banks services, he says.
“Our advice is always based on the client’s individual circumstances. Some clients prefer basic advice involving meetings twice a year, whereas others request daily meetings and more complex advice.”
For Alex Sloth Hansen, Private Banking is to a large extend a question of finding individual solutions to the individual requirements of each client.
“Finding the specific requirements of each client is our most important task,” he says.
“It includes elements such as risk appetite and ability, investment horizon, tax as well as requirements in terms of liquidity. Defining these elements is a prerequisite to providing sound investment advice.”
Is there a minimum balance needed to open an account?
“No. Not only millionaires are welcome as Private Banking clients, what is required is around DKK 500,000 or USD 100,000.”
Opening an account is a matter of a few days only. If things proceed according to plan, the account relationship may be established within one week, he adds.

Further information:
Alex Slot Hansen 
Vice President 
Tel.: +41 71 227 81 61 
[email protected]

Allan Hvii 
Senior Vice Presidet 
Tel: +41 71 227 81 60 
[email protected] 

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