Scandinavia – Southeast Asia Flight Updates Thursday 22nd

SAS expects near full traffic program as of April 22. SAS Scandinavian Airlines would like to inform its customers that it expects to operate close to 75% of full scheduled flight program as of tomorrow, April 22. All SAS hubs across Scandinavia will tomorrow be reopened, as will almost all European airports. SAS expects full operations by Friday, April 23.
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The following long haul flights are operated to Finland April 22nd. All departure times are local times.
Thursday, April 22
AY096 Bangkok – Helsinki at 00:15 , will land in Finland to other destination than Helsinki
AY 068 Hong Kong – Helsinki at 0:25 am ,will land in Finland to other destination than Helsinki.
AY052 Peking – Helsinki departure 10:55 am
AY058 Shanghai – Helsinki departure 09:40 am
AY074 Tokyo – Helsinki 12:00 am
AY078 Osaka – Helsinki 11:00 am
Several tour operators leisure flights are also returning to Finland. The tour operators will contact customers concerned.
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Thai Airways
Thai Airways International is now operating on regular schedule for all flights to and from Europe. Please check the regular schedule directly from our website for all flights.
As extra flights to and from Europe have not been confirmed, we will post the status at the next update time.

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