Danish NIRAS and Vietnamese RCEE get More B2B Support

After having conducted a feasibility study with positive outcome, a partnership between NIRAS A/S Denmark and RCEE Vietnam are committed to delivering high quality consulting services in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Climate Change projects in Vietnam.  


The NIRAS/RCEE partnership is committed to making serious efforts and contributions to respond to the impact of climate change in Vietnam which has been identified as one of 12 countries at highest risk from climate change. The partners will create a diversified pool of environment services with high quality expertise in providing creative and innovative solutions.


The core business of the partnership is CDM projects development, Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, pollution control, environment regulations, waste management, renewable energy systems, biogas, solar energy manufacturing and energy efficiency in building industries including due diligence, energy audits, capacity building and implementation. Together they are currently pursuing several projects in Vietnam.


 NIRAS/RCEE partnership is pleased to receive another B2B support of DKK 1,500,000 to set up an equal shareholding partnership with a long term commercial perspective. Their vision and intentions within the 3 and 4 coming years is to become a leading engineering and consulting company in Vietnam and number 2 or three in the Regional countries in CDM and other climate change related services.

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