Danish Celebrations in Manilla

Celebrating H.M. the Queens 70th Birthday in Manilla, H.E Svend Waever had the opportunity to meet and address the local Danes, businessmen and colleagues as well as representation from the Philipines and the Nowegian ambassador.

On the Queens Margrethe II’s birthday the ambassador had the privilege to speak for a crowd of almost a hundred specially invited guest.

In this speech, the ambassador emphasised the Queen’s substantial popularity in the Danish population, and expressed his admiration of her expression of Danish mentality and understanding of cultural balance.

Drawing parallels to the life of H. M. and the Danish role in the bigger picture. H. E. Svend Waever talked of the attention enjoyed both prior to and during the COP 15 conference:

“This attention we utilized in the best way possible to turn Denmark into a pioneer for green policies. Denmark is very willing to share its experience and knowledge with a view to reaching a better protection of the global environment.“

In relation the ambassador expressed his gratitude to the Philippine Government about the difficult questions relating to our Climate and global warming – and the very positive experiences he had Dealing with the Philippines in this area. Furthermore, an acknowledgement of the attendance of the president of the Philippines at the end of the COP was most appreciated.

Talking about the relations of the Philippines and Denmark the ambassador explained that the Embassy’s Trade department had selected two main sectors where they recognised a good fit between local market opportunities and Danish expertise; namely the Environment sector and the Energy sector:

“Especially non-revenue water has been in our focus and we will naturally continue to develop the contacts that we have established during the last three years. We will still pay due attention to this important area, but at the same time you will be witnessing the Embassy increasing its focus on renewable energy, solid waste management, energy efficiency and Information Communication Technology.”

The ambassador ended his speech expressing his gratitude to the arrangements made and extended a toast celebrating the Danish Queen.

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