Expo: Chinese Man Breaks His Leg at the Danish Pavilion

Bicycling the Danish way looked like a public relations scoop. But after a Chinese man broke his leg the whole exercise, involving 250 bikes, could turn in to a PR disaster.

Fyns.dk talked to one of the guides at the Danish Pavilion about the combination of Danish bicycling culture and eager Chinese guests who are, to say the least, not very experienced with a saddle between their legs.

What is even worse is that the Chinese don’t really understand the method of braking with your feet.

Now a lawsuit could be on its way because a 56-year old Chinese man had problems controlling his bike and, therefore, broke his leg.

The man is not the only one who had mixed fortunes while biking at the Danish pavilion.

According to Danish law a bike has to be equipped with a brake on the front wheel. If you, or the Chinese, press the brake to hard there is only one way to go; that’s straight over the handlebars and down on the not so soft surface.

That’s why the bikes have to take some days off so the brakes can be moved from the front wheel to the rear wheel and, thereby, focus on the Chinese reality rather than on the laws back home in Denmark.

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