The Nordic Lighthouse Opens in Shanghai

A new initiative, showcasing Nordic lifestyle, was launched in Shanghai today. The Nordic Lighthouse is a newly renovated warehouse directly on the Huangpu River, which brings together Nordic and Chinese brands through exhibitions, events and workshops.

The Nordic Lighthouse was officially opened in Shanghai today with a grand opening ceremony attended by Denmark’s Permanent Secretary of State, Mr. Claus Grube, Denmark’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen, Mayor of Yangpu District, Mr. Jin Xingming, and executives from a number of Nordic and Chinese companies.

“The Nordic Lighthouse symbolises the ever stronger cooperation between China and the Nordic countries within business, culture and innovation. The goal is to create a supplementary partnership platform during the World EXPO 2010, where Nordic brands, design and lifestyle can be displayed to the Chinese public, who has free access to the Lighthouse”, Denmark’s Permanent Secretary of State, Mr. Claus Grube said.

Permanent Secretary of State, Mr. Claus Grube, speaking at the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony follows yesterday’s celebration of the 60-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and China. Both the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the Danish National Girls Choir performed during the opening ceremony.
Nordic Lighthouse is easily accessible – also for visitors to the World EXPO 2010. The renovated 3-storey warehouse is located directly on the Huangpu River, next to an official EXPO dock on the north side of the Bund. Visitors to EXPO 2010 can sail directly from the Nordic Lighthouse, which is only 100 meters away from the Yangshupulu Metro Station.

Nordic Lighthouse strengthens Sino-Danish cooperation in business, innovation and culture
The Nordic Lighthouse is a project by the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai, established in connection with the EXPO 2010. All Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland participate. More than 60 Scandinavian companies as well as many sponsors will be ready to welcome EXPO visitors into this house of Scandinavian lifestyle.

“The World EXPO is a fantastic event bringing new innovations, fascinating design and architecture and many guests to Shanghai. The Danish Nordic Lighthouse initiative is a symbol that we strongly believe in the Chinese market for Nordic design, lifestyle, brands and concepts”, Danish Consul General in Shanghai, Ms. Susanne Hyldelund said.

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