Pattaya Under Curfew

On Wednesday Night at 8pm, Pattaya Police backed up by Pattaya City Hall Security Officers began a tour of the city and ordered all establishments, including Bars, Discotheques, Banks, Shopping Centers and Convenience Stores, to comply with a Curfew order issued by Thailand’s Prime Minister earlier on Wednesday.

The order came into force at 8pm and is expected to last until 6am on Thursday and may be repeated throughout this week until the situation in Bangkok and other provinces, where rioting is taking place, is brought under control.
Here in Pattaya this could not have come at a worse time as the city struggles to continue life as normal while 150 kms away in Bangkok, fires have been reported at over 20 separate locations around the Thai Capital as the remaining Red Shirts refuse to leave the Capital quietly.

Reports from Laem Chabang Port on Wednesday Night indicate that fires have been lit close to the entrance to the port and Riot Police have been deployed to the area to restore order. Pattaya-based Red Shirts have attended these demonstrations and rumors are spreading that they may be sent back to Pattaya later on Wednesday Night.

Back in Pattaya, rumors spread earlier on Wednesday evening that a bomb had been discovered at Big C in North Pattaya which had been closed since early evening. This rumor was found to be untrue and the center had been closed due to the curfew order.

With many 24 hour convenience stores closing, panic buying has begun and Police were called to one minor incident at a store in Soi Neun Plub Wan which led to no arrests and was brought to a conclusion quickly.

We will have a full report on the curfew and its effects on Pattaya on Thursday but we must inform people currently residing in Pattaya that if you are caught breaking the curfew, you may be liable to arrest and could be fined. We can only suggest that everyone return to their homes or hotel rooms until Thursday morning.

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