No Swedish adoption organisations seek authorisation for 2004

Neither Sweden’s Adoption Centre (AC), the second largest adoption agency in the world, nor any other adoption organisation in Sweden has applied for authorisation to adopt from Cambodia during 2004.
     “Adoption Centre has not filed for authorisation next year and no other agency either,” replies Ms Gunilla Bodin, head of NIA, the Swedish National Board for Intercountry Adoptions, the government authority that issues such authorisations, on a direct question from Scandasia.
     NIA authorised AC to adopt from Cambodia in a decision made 20th March 2002.
     The move resulted in heavy criticism by Sweden’s embassy in Cambodia who claimed AC’s documentation prior to the green light from NIA was deceptive, contained wrongful information and was faulty and misleading.
     Later NIA freezed AC’s ability to take on adoptions from Cambodia but never revoked the authorisation which expires 31 December 2003.

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