Spend the Night on Singaporean Jumbo Jet in Sweden

Going to Sweden? Now you can make reservations on a plane that never leaves the ground. An old Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-200 has been turned into a hotel right next to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

A couple of years ago, a Swedish entrepreneur and hotel owner had a thought way out of the box. Oscar Dios decided to turn the shell of an old Singaporean commission 747-200 jumbo jet into a fun alternative to expensive hotels in Stockholm. Now a reality, it is the first of its kind and it is located on a grassy hill only minutes from Arlanda Airport.

Passengers, or guests, can spend the night in the cockpit, which has been transformed into the 747 suite, complete with gas masks, and views to the runways, costing 3300 Swedish kroner per night.

Cheaper dorm rooms are however also available, starting at 350 Swedish kroner per night. These rooms include overhead luggage compartments, while the hotel staff are dressed as air hostesses and serve meals on trays.

The hotel opened in January last year, and the 25 rooms have almost been constantly fully booked since the inception. The visitors represent a variety of different people. Business men often spend the night, but also backpackers take advantage of the cheap rooms and the very short distance to the airport.

The air plane hotel has become a great success and now that the Swedish prototype has been perfected, the concept has been scheduled to take off in other countries as well.

“Within five years definitely there will be another 10 Jumbo Stays around the world,” Oscar Dios predicts.

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