Carlsberg Returning to Thailand

The Prachachart Business Newspaper reports that the Danish beer Carlsberg will soon be back in Thailand. The Danish brewery is according to the business paper currently negotiating with Siam Winery Trading Plus Co., Ltd.

A reliable source to the Prachachart Business Newspaper tells them to keep their eyes open for a serious comeback for the Danish beer in Thailand. ScandAsia can confirm the rumours about Danish brand’s comeback to the attractive Thai beer market, but has so far not been able to get any official statements.

According to Prachachart the Carlsberg beer will be produced in another Asian country and then imported to Thailand. Which seems likely because Carlsberg is already in bars and supermarkets in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China.

Siam Winery Trading Plus Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of Spy Wine Cooler and Red Bull in Thailand.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to enjoy a cold Carlsberg at our favourite beach bar in Thailand at kick-off next Friday.

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