Denmark helps solve pig manure problem in Nam Dinh

With support from the Danish government, 700 specially constructed tanks are expected to be made by Xuan Kien commune in Vietnam’s Nam Dinh Province within the end of this year to reduce the stench from the mounting pig manure and at the same time benefit from the gas produced by the manure.
     Residents in Nam Dinh Province have complained about the stink from the mounting manure piles because there are no reservoirs where pork producers can dispose of the pig manure. Since most of the farms are located near high density residential areas, the situation has become worse when the producers expand their operations.
     The commune has been calling on its farmers to store the manure in the special of tank despite opposition from many farmers who wan need it for their crops.
     Nguyen Van Thanh, director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Division in Xuan Truong District said the gas produced by the manure could be siphoned from the tanks and used for cooking and home heating.
     To reduce the level of waste produced by its farms, the Xuan Kien commune has also moved its 101-sow operation away from the residential area to prevent contamination.

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