Swedish National Day Celebrated in Bangkok

Guests were greeted by a smiling Ambassador and his wife as they showed up at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok Monday night where the annual National Day was celebrated Swedish style with a touch of Thai.


Many people, both members of the Swedish community and several foreign diplomats as well as journalists from all over the world, attended the event where they were able to enjoy the favourites of Swedish cuisine, such as the all time classics: meatballs, salmon, and seafood salad mix on knäckebröd with a free flow of champagne.


As tradition calls for, the day was also celebrated with the singing of the Swedish national anthem and a salute to King Gustav, followed by a performance by a Thai children’s choir. The kids recited the national anthem of Thailand, which was then followed by a salute to His Majesty the King Bhumibol.

Despite the dress code, it was a very relaxed evening and the great turn out of people seemed to really enjoy themselves as they experienced Swedish culture in the form of delicious food, but also through the images of Swedish life that ran across the big TV screens all night. And then of course, there was the music. The songs by ABBA and Roxette were of course sure to be played once or twice during the event.

See the pictures from the event here.

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