Indonesia delivers more material to Stockholm prosecutor

More than 1000 pages of new documentation about Swedish members of Gam, the free Aceh movement, have been handed over by Jakarta to special prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand in Stockholm.
     It was a six people delegation that flew from Indonesia to Stockholm with the documentation the week before Christmas.
     Indonesia claims that the native Indonesians, now Swedish citizens that lead Gam from a Stockholm suburb are terrorists and means that the documentation handed over now and before proves Jakarta’s claim is correct.
     Gam is fighting a war against Indonesian troops in the province Aceh, northern Sumatra, aiming at independence for Aceh.
     Sweden’s official line has been that the Gam leaders in Sweden are entitled to their opinion of a free Aceh, as long as they abide to Swedish law, while Sweden supports Indonesia’s right to the war torn province.
     Prosecutor Lindstrand has not yet decided whether to proceed with a preliminary investigation or close the case. That will have to wait until early spring, is the latest message from the prosecutor’s office, according to Swedish news agency TT.

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