First Renewed Service Contract for Offshore

Vestas Offshore will provide service for 30 turbines at the North Hoyle site for another five years. It is the first time for a customer to renew a service agreement with Offshore.

Customers are becoming more satisfied with Vestas Offshore. Recently, Offshore took this year’s Customer Excellence Award for its leap in customer loyalty.

“We were satisfied with Vestas’ service throughout the original 5-year warranty period. Vestas took a lot of the risk and cost of repair,” explains Offshore Portfolio Manager Ben Furlong of RWE Npower.

Vestas won the bid for the North Hoyle site with 30 V80-2.0MW turbines after competing with three other parties. According to Ben Furlong, the offshore maintenance market is still dominated by turbine-manufacturers, profiting from their ability to quickly provide spare parts and repair services – an advantage customers pay a premium for.

“One of the differentiators that made us choose Vestas was the perception there is of reducing risk by staying with the original equipment manufacturer. However, we see more competition in the future for providing offshore Operations & Maintenance services. Therefore, Vestas will need to continue demonstrating how they can offer better services than the other suppliers,” says Ben Furlong.

Customer Manager Anders Bang Pilgaard for Vestas Offshore agrees. “We’ll see companies that specialize in service becoming real contenders. That’s why we have been working hard to become more attractive to our customers.”

Anders Bang Pilgaard has an explanation for the premium the customer pays. As opposed to smaller service-providers, Vestas guarantees supply of spare parts, continuous technician updates, and it offers various types of guarantees.

“This renewed service agreement is a clear sign that we’re improving our relationships with our customers. It also shows that our price-level is just right and service is something we prioritize. There’s huge potential for Vestas here,” Anders Bang Pilgaard concludes.

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