Danida Sponsored Wind Project in Philippines Expands

The Philippine based company North Wind Power Development Corp. is about to develop a new wind farm in Aparri in Cagayan. Management is still negotiating the final details but the farm is scheduled to power a 40 megawatt power plant.

“It is looking very promising,” Business Development Manager Giovanni Macapobre says.

“If everything goes according to plan, we will invest as much as $120 million in the Aparri wind farm. We still don’t know how many wind mills we will end up with, but we would prefer the farm to be the same size as the one we already have in Bangui. About 23-24 wind mills.”

The farm in the windswept town of Bangui is a 33 megawatt wind farm. It is the first and largest of its kind in South East Asia, as it consists of 20 wind mills, each standing 70 meters tall. The wind turbines generate clean power for the province of Ilocos Norte.

When the farm was established in 2005, it was done with the financial assistance of Danida – the Danish development organization. Most of the turbine materials were shipped from Denmark, and the plant made it possible to supply electricity to people in the area at a lower cost than offered by the government sponsored options. At the moment, North Wind Power Development Corp. is able to meet more than 50 percent of Ilocos Norte’s power requirement.

“Tapping abundant wind resources in the country’s vast coastlines is a significant stride in an environment-sensitive, clean-and-green energy program for the Philippines,” said Niels Jacobsen, a Danish investor and president of Northwind Power Development Corp.

The NWPDC, consists of Filipino and Danish businessmen and engineers, that lead the way in setting up the environmentally friendly and economical source of power in response to the Filipino government’s call to establish new and renewable sources of energy. It was organized to develop wind energy as a renewable, environment-friendly, and economically feasible source of energy in the Philippines.

The Philippines are with the new wind farms well on their way to becoming a leader in wind power in Asia, and the country has been found to have potential wind energy of 76,600 MW, leading other wind power-producing countries like Germany, Spain and Denmark.

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