Danish Band MLTR’s Has Bollywood Dreams

The Danish soft rock band “Michael Learns to Rock’ (MLTR) is now in India to promote its album “Eternity’. They are touring three Indian cities Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The band has shown a keen interest to work in Bollywood and expressed interest to collaborate with the Indian stars and artists.

During their interaction with their India fans, MLTR has shared their Bollywood aspiration. Their fans were from an age group of eight to 50 years, who encouraged and sang along with the band’s number “Oh my sleeping child the world’s so wild’.

Jascha Richter, the lead vocalist and key board player said, “I love the colorful Bollywood movies.”

When asked about their interest in Bollywood, Richter added, “Until now, no one from Bollywood has approached us but we would love to work for the industry if asked to do so.”

On his choice of an Indian actress, Richter could not recollect a name first. However, being prompted by the fans, he agreed that it was Katrina Kaif.

MLTR was formed in 1988, since then the band has sold more than 10 million records all over the world, mainly in Asia. Apart from producing seven studio albums, the band has produced many live and “greatest hits’ albums. Their albums became popular in Asia because the lines were very easy to remember.

We hope, that Bollywood’s listening!

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