Lions Club Denmark Sets Up Thailand Unit

The Lions Club is a non-profit aid organization with the intention of helping out during times of need on both local and international scales. At the moment, the Danish division club is starting a new organization, whose primary function will be to deal will development work and projects in Thailand: Lions Club Bernstorff Thailand.

There will be a number of projects to get involved in, but the main ones will concern schools and hospitals.

One of the characteristics of Lions Club is that all the money that comes is distributed among the causes the organization supports.

Education within and outside Thailand
So far, the club has sponsored schools in the Thai jungle to ensure that children in remote and rural areas will receive better education, but children in Denmark also benefit from the volunteer work.

The Rak Thai School in Copenhagen is a place where children born in Denmark have a chance to learn the Thai language and become familiar with the culture in order to enhance communication with family members and provide them with a better understanding of their own background. Furthermore, the school helps families and guides as well as teaches Danish spouses of Thais so that they also have the opportunity to communicate with the family.

In order to be accepted as a member of Lions Club Bernstorff Thailand, one needs to have some kind of connection to Thailand; the members might actually be Thai, have a spouse from there, or have parents from the country. However, a strong interest in the country and the culture also counts.

The establishment of the new club is still in its preliminary stage, but the future President of Lions Club Bernstorff Thailand, Christian Wiborg, hopes that the last details and members will be in place by August this year.

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