Bye, Bye Skitters!

Happy travels: With a new Swedish probiotic product and general caution, you will never find yourself stuck in the bathroom when you should be out on the sandy white beach working up a tan.

Studies show that every day, more than 50,000 people worldwide catch diarrhea while on vacation in exotic countries. Although the mind and body might find itself in Paradise like surroundings, the upset stomach does not always agree on the divinity of the situation.

But that is all in the past. Scandinavians who go on vacation in Paradise will never have their holidays ruined by unusual cuisine and dirty water ever again! According to a press release from the Swedish medical producer Baltex, a probiotic that prevents and lowers the risk of the illness that can kill any holiday mood is now available.

Protection of holiday stomachs
Lactitravel is the Nordic name of this new wonder-product (known as Protectflor internationally), which has been specially designed to protect our stomachs that are more exposed to foreign bacteria when we travel to countries like Thailand, for example. The local cuisine is an essential part of travelling, and in Thailand, the food is part of the whole experience. However, the bacteria found in the Thai cuisine are very different from the ones found in Northern Europe, and not all stomachs are prepared for that when they receive the otherwise delicious food.

Lactitravel consists of probiotics – or so-called good bacteria – that normalize the bacterial flora in the stomach. One capsule per day for three to five days before take-off as well as throughout the trip should do the trick. The bacteria prepare the stomach for new experiences, and one can more safely devour the tasty foreign dishes and avoid the not so pleasant diarrhea that sometimes follows.

Even though Lactitravel can be used by the whole family, following certain guidelines in order to avoid an upset stomach is always a good idea:

• Only drink water that comes from sealed bottles and look out for ice cubes that are made from tap water
• Choose dishes that are cooked immediately before serving – for example fried, boiled, and baked foods
• Avoid raw fish and shell fish and anything with raw eggs
• Always eat plenty of fruit but make sure you rinse it in clean water and peel it yourself

Other than that, make sure to wash your hands frequently. Diarrhea is caught through bacteria, virus, parasites, and other micro organisms that are found in public areas, such as super markets, bath rooms, and door knobs.

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