Visit Finland at World Expo With a Finnair Plus Without Queuing

Finnair Plus frequent-flyer membership card or a recent Finnair boarding card entitles guests to enter the Finland pavilion via the Green Line. Green Line is a faster line also used for the guests entering the pavilion with a mobile reservation ticket. In short, this means that Finnair Plus members are able to enter Finland pavilion Kirnu without queuing.
Finnair is one of the main sponsors of the Finland at World Expo Shanghai 2010. Finnair has direct flights to Shanghai and many travellers visit the Shanghai World Expo 2010 during their stay in China.
The theme of Shanghai World Expo 2010 is “Better City, Better Life”, looking for solutions for future’s urban evolution. Organizers expect even 70 million people to visit the World Expo during its’ opening period from May 1st to October 31st. Finland Pavilion Kirnu is one of the most popular pavilions of the Expo, receiving about 27 000 visitors per day. The theme of Finnish participation is “Sharing inspiration”.


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