Designer Loves the Naturalness of Fur

Chinese designer Xiaojie Zhu became highly inspired when he visited Kopenhagen Studio and Kopenhagen Fur during the latest auction. In fact he would wake up at four in the morning and immediately start drawing and writing down ideas arosed in his dreams. On the third day of his visit, his little book is full of drawings and notes.

– I couldn’t really stop, it has been very inspiring, says Xiaojie Zhu who spent much time examining the plentiful fur techniques displayed at Kopenhagen Studio. Originally a carpenter, Mr.  Zhu used to be a furniture manufacturer with some 60 furniture shops, but today he is no longer involved in furniture manufacturing. Instead he has set his eyes on design with furniture as his primary focus in the company Opal Furniture. A keen supporter of the philosophies of Taoism, Mr. Zhu is especially inspired by nature, which is why working with the fur material is obvious for the internationally recognized designer for quite some time.

– I like things natural. Fur is a part of nature, and I am exited about working with fur, Xiaojie Zhu says and explain that among his favourite materials oak and bamboo can be found. He likes to spend time around the materials he is about to work with. It is a way to become familiar with the materials.

– You must love the natural and relate to it. Then you can bring it into what you are working with, he says.

In spite of the fact that the trip to Copenhagen was solely meant for inspiration, concrete plans have already been laid. Xiaojie Zhu will work closely together with Creative Development Manager Lone Olsen in the coming months. The designer has decided to create an art exhibition where fur will play a role, both as part of some furniture and as garment. It is his hope that the exhibition will come to Denmark sometime in 2011.

– It is a way to show people the connection between Danish people and Chinese people. This art can make people happy, Mr. Zhu says.


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