Danish Police Gymnastics Team on Tour

From 8 July until 29 July, Politiets Idrætsforening’s travel team will be travelling through Thailand and Malaysia on their South East Asia trip.

First stop on the tour will be the Thai capital Bangkok where the British Club will provide the team with a venue for a show after which PI Gymnastics will run a workshop.

After a trip to southern Thailand, the group will head on to Malaysia. The Danish company Danisco has made a program for their stay in Penang, which among other things includes a visit to Pulau Payar, a party, sleeping under open skies on the beach, and of course a performance followed by a workshop.

On their way to the Malaysian capital, the police gymnasts will stop over in Ipoh, where they are scheduled to perform at a local school, but they have also set some time off for white water rafting as well as a day trip to the hills of Cameron Highlands.

In Kuala Lumpur, the team will perform on several different venues such as schools and shopping centres, but they will also have time to do some shopping and go sightseeing.

The team will keep a journal of their South East Asian adventure on their website. Keep yourself updated on what they are doing and where they will be performing here:


Catch the first show at the British Club in Bangkok on Saturday 10 July. The show starts at 4 PM, and everyone is welcome, although non-members have to pay an entrance fee of 150 Baht. Members and children under the age of 12 enter for free, and food and drinks can be bought at the Club.

The Danish Police Gymnastics travel team consists of rhythmic gymnasts and jumpers. The following people will be part of the South East Asia Tour:

Anne Mygind
Beth Jensen
Birte Klarner
Helle Nørtoft Laursen
Julie Hoffmann-Petersen
Kristina Vonsild
Kristine Brandt Kofoed
Lotte Høegh Hansen
Louise Abildgaard
Louise Sloth Madsen
Majbrit Myrup Jensen
Maria Abildgaard
Maria Bay
Mette Mogensen
Mia Fogh
Pernille Falsberg
Pia Britt Jensen
Stine Haugaard
Stine Nymand
Tine Svensson
Trine Juul Larsen

Adam Glædeshøj Sørensen
Andreas Junker Holst
Gorm Glædeshøj Sørensen
Henrik Halsted
Karen-Marie Hulgaard
Kasper Holdensen
Martin Gerstrøm
Mikkel Ikjær
Mikkel Johansen
Morten Pape
Peter Schmidt
Rasmus Morell
Sannie Henriksen
Steffen Allen
Theis Jensen
Thorben Simonsen

Elisabeth Arnsdorf Haslund
Pia Bonde Larsen
Martin Deis

Travel leader
Regin Joensen

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