Joint Venture set to Conquer SAP Market

The partnership between Danish Segmenta A/S and Vietnamese CMC Corporation receives the Danish Embassy’s support of DKK 3,310,000 to continue the development of the joint venture (JV) operating the largest SAP services (System, Applications and Products in data processing) in Vietnam.

Since they met each other for the first time in 2007, the two partners have been committed to their mutual business idea of becoming a provider of SAP services in the Vietnamese market as well as providing offshore technical support for the Danish partner Segmenta. The partners established a joint venture named SE-CMC in 2008 with equally shared ownership and signed a partnership agreement with SAP Asia Pacific. This has enabled the JV to provide SAP All-in-One solutions in the Vietnamese market.

The transfer of know-how from Segmenta to the joint venture is essential for the partners to become successful in the SAP market. Therefore, the JV staff has been going through intensive training programmes provided by SAP experts from Segmenta since the establishment of the partnership. With the grant for the project phase from the B2B programme of the Danish Embassy, this training will continue to further develop the skills of the local staff.

The partners are optimistic about the JV’s perspective as they have already signed contracts with some big Danish customers. The project expects to earn DKK 23mio turnover during the next 3 years and create 64 new jobs. The JV’s ambitious goal is to become one of the three largest SAP companies in Vietnam by 2011 with 60 high-value jobs in a work environment of international standards with well-established CSR instruments.

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