Road Safety Program Gets IPD Support

A partnership of Danish Consia Consultants and Vietnamese Independent Construction Technology Consultants (ICTC) has received the Innovative Partnerships for Development (IPD) programme’s funds of DKK 1,000,000 to contribute to Sustainable development through Road Safety Training Services in Vietnam with special integration of Corporate Social Responsibility.

During the feasibility study in 2009, the partnership concluded that road safety training is much needed and has a viable and sustainable business potential. Road safety is one of the main areas of concern in Vietnam. The initiative to provide road safety training services in Vietnam has overwhelmingly been supported by all the organizations that the study team had worked with during the feasibility study.

Further, the Vietnamese Government’s institutional set up in road safety legitimises priority and commitment to the improvement of road safety and public/private partnerships are required to develop the road safety sector in Vietnam. This will be a great opportunity for Consia and ICTC to offer their training services.

The involvement in capacity building activities offered through the Road Safety Training Centre managed by Consia and ITST will help nurture the partnerships among stakeholder organizations from the public and private sectors.

According to the projects’ sales forecast and implementation plan, the target groups and tailor-made courses are well organised for immediate implementation and generate turnover with profit right from the beginning of the IPD project. The project will earn DKK 1,2 mio net profit in year 1 and DKK 1,7 mio in year 2 with 87 new jobs to be created. 14 courses will be carried out for many relevant ministries, educational institutes, hospitals and engineering companies in year 1 and the number of courses will increase significantly every year due to current high demand and needs in Vietnam. Besides, they also offer 6 other road safety consulting services for Vietnamese government.

The partners will closely cooperate with specific stake-holders to assist in building capacity and skills, enabling stakeholders to work more efficiently in developing a business entity, providing road safety training for trainers.


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