First Danish Restaurant Opens in Singapore

Singapore’s first Danish restaurant is called Akvavit, and is due to open in February. It is named after the famous snaps that is to find at almost every traditional Danish lunch table.
      “I have asked people of different nationalities to pronounce ‘Akvavit’. It seems to work and that’s great. Especially because a good traditional Danish lunch is what we will primarily focus on. And what is a good lunch without an Akvavit,” asks the owner Morten Uttrup, who served his apprenticeship as a chef in the legendary Danish restaurant Den Gyldne Fortun.
      His skills in the kitchen later gave Morten Uttrup the title of world cooking champion, together with three other Danish chefs.
      After some years as a chef Morten Uttrup decided to further his education as an accountant at the Niels Brock Business College.
      “Three years ago my work brought my family to Singapore. And like many residents and visitors before me, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t a single Danish restaurant in Singapore, or just a restaurant that served a Danish lunch.”
      So when Morten Uttrup a year ago ceased at his employment with Carlsberg, he was ready to take the plunge.
      “I found some suitable premises, which are divided in four storeys so that it’s possible to have special parties and arrangements without disturbing the other guest in the restaurant.”
      Akvavit is situated on New Bridge Road nr. 29, opposite the northern exit of the MRT-station, Clark Quay.
      When ScandAsia spoke to Morten Uttrup and visited the premises of the restaurant, the craftsmen had almost finished the renovation.
      Many of the Danish residents are already convinced that Morten Uttrup will succeed with his plans of serving a delicious Danish lunch in Singapore.
      “I have worked a lot with catering the past months. For instance I was responsible when DABS had their annual ‘julefrokost’ in ‘Sømandskirken’.”
      They were so happy with the result, that they booked the first major event after we open in February, says Morten Uttrup, who also has other regular monthly arrangements lined up.
      In the ground floor of the building Morten Uttrup opens a fish and chips restaurant called Fishermen’s Wharf. The three other floors will house the Akvavit.
      “We will serve authentic Danish ‘smørrebrød’ that looks and tastes like it must, from the view of a quality-conscious Danish customer.”
      “On a blackboard on the wall we will announce the traditional Danish dish of the day,” says Morten Uttrup, the former world champion who can’t wait to become the Singaporean champion in Danish cooking.
      Morten Uttrup can be reached on (65) 9787 6018 or by e-mail at: [email protected].

English text by Knud Brix

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