Wind Energy Can Be Fun

The Sino-Danish Wind Energy Development Programme (WED) and the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing visited the Guang Ai School on the outskirts of Beijing, in order to promote knowledge of wind power in Chinese schools, which is one of WED’s main objectives.

For three years now, the WED programme, which focuses on solving energy issues in practice, has made great achievements in China. Among many large scale activities the programme has paid visits to local schools and taught Chinese students about turbines, blades and environmentally friendly energy.

On August 5th the WED programme, along with 6 employees from the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, visited Guang Ai School. A none-government financed school, which houses 103 homeless children. The students age from 6 to 17 and the school provides free meals, dormitory and education. WED and the Embassy staff spent a few hours with the children, bringing gifts and fun activities.

During the visit, the children learned how a modern day wind mill works and could get their hands on the technique by playing with models, which the visitors had brought with them.

Next, the eager students practised English vocabulary central to wind energy, and finally they had a painting competition producing many beautiful images of wind mills and eco-friendly living.

The visit was concluded by announcing the winners of the painting competition, rewarding them for their beautiful work with fun toys, and presenting the manager of the Guang Ai School with a WED diploma.


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