700.000 Swedes live abroad

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A new survey from Swedes Worldwide, which has just been released, shows that almost 700,000 Swedes are estimated to live abroad.

The exact number is just over 685,000 Swedes. This is an increase from the survey from 2015 when the number of Swedes abroad amounted to approximately 660,000.

Thailand is the only country in East Asia on the Top 30 List of destinations where the Swedes have settled. The figures show that in 2011 when the first survey was done, 10.000 Swedes lived i Thailand. In 2015 when the second survey was done, the number had increased to 20.000 Swedes. In 2022, the number is down to 4.500 Swedes.

“We can not say with certainty how the pandemic has affected the number of Swedes abroad, but increased uncertainty linked to health, closed borders and vaccination, and the desire to live close to family and friends has probably had an impact,” says Secretary General of Swedes Worldwide Cecilia Borglin.

It is estimated that Swedes live in at least 177 of the world’s approximately 200 countries. The lion’s share of Swedes abroad, 62 percent, live in Europe. The United States retains first place as the country where most Swedes choose to live, about 179,000, followed by Spain (104,000) and the United Kingdom (100,000).

The estimate of the number of Swedes abroad was made in collaboration with Swedish foreign authorities during May-July 2022. In addition, almost 10,000 Swedes abroad participated in a survey to give their picture of life as a Swede abroad.

Love and the climate are the main reasons why Swedes choose to settle down abroad, and once in place, they appreciate the opportunity to take part in a different culture, but the bureaucracy in the new country creates problems.

Of the surveyed groups of professionals, companions, students and pensioners, the latter are least interested in moving back to Sweden.

Swedes working abroad primarily have moved to the UK, they have a higher education and earn more money than the average Swede. Most people who accompany their professional partner live in the United States. The number of Swedes studying abroad prefers to do so in the UK.

8 out of 10 of the respondents would recommend others to move abroad.

Full survey in Swedish: https://www.sviv.se/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Kartlaggning-2022_Svenskar-i-varlden.pdf


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