Thai Clothing Slaves Break free From Chains

While the global fashion world this week assembles in Denmark during Copenhagen Fashion Week, textile workers from two other capitals have joined together in creating their own brand – and break the chains to a past as slave workers.

The organisations La Alameda of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Dignity Returns of Bangkok have met across continents wanting to create proper jobs and focus the world’s attention on the conditions for slave workers around the world.

“This is a proclamation to the world to support proper working conditions and also show, that it is possible to produce high quality clothes without enslaving anyone,” says Gustavo Vera from La Alameda in Buenos Aires.

The brand “No Chains” is already sold via a joint webpage and the partnership seems to be working great.

Just a few days ago No Chains Thai representatives visited the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, to meet the working force of PT Istana.
The Indonesian workers are in the middle of a fight to get the money owed to them from former employees.

The plan is to involve the Indonesians in No Chains, making a new production 100 percent controlled by the workers.

Within years the No Chains organisation whishes to expand to more than 20-30 development countries, creating better working conditons while producing first class clothing. Clothes that will be sold worldwide including Scandinavia.

Visit the textile workers at:

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