Fewer Scandinavians in Thailand

Nordic citizens staying in Thailand have declined with 3.4 pct or 494 persons during the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2009 according to statistics of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand.

Currently, there are a total of 12,340 Nordic citizens in Thailand on a non immigrant visa, a business visa and a non quota immigrant visa. Of those, 4,751 (38.4%) are Swedish, 3,585 (29%) are Danish, 2,205 (17.8%) are Norwegian and 1,799 (14.5%) are Finnish.

Last year, the total number was 12.834 Scandinavians.

The decline of 494 Scandinavians from last year has not been evenly distributed among the four nationalities. The Swedish population contracted more than the other three Nordic nationalities from 4.982 to the current 4,751 persons or 4.6%. As for Norway, 105 Norwegians have left the Kingdom while the Danish population saw a decline of 98 people. Finnish, representing the smallest population, fell by 60 people.

Even though Finland has the smallest population in the Kingdom there is a higher percentage of people who left Thailand (3.2%) compared to those of Denmark (2.6%) by 0.6%.

Swedish nationals still remain the largest numbers of Scandinavian expats in Thailand between 2009-2010

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