Swedish Man Arrested in Pattaya

A Swedish man in Pattaya became one of the first victims of the Chonburi Immigration Police’s new transnational criminal system when he was arrested while checking in at immigration offices in Jomtien Beach, reports Pattaya Mail.

According to the newspaper, Amini Kamran, 37, (who has threatened us to remove his name) was wanted on a Swedish arrest warrant issued in May for illegally selling 37.6 million baht in drugs and medical products over the Internet. The charges could alledgedly have led to a six-year jail term. But the Swedish police could not arrest him because he had left for Thailand, where he had been staying in Pattaya on a language student visa since November 13, 2009.

On Aug. 5, Amini went to the Chonburi Immigration Office to extend his education visa. When his name was entered into immigration’s new Transnational Criminal Database system, the warrant popped up and he was placed in custody.

The Transnational Crime Center officially opened this month and pulls together warrants from law enforcement agencies around the world as well as visitor information from hotels and condominiums in order to track down foreigners by the police in other countries.

The Swede’s visa was canceled and he was prepared for deportation. He also was blacklisted from returning to the Kingdom, the newspaper reported.


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