Norwegian Pavilion Reached Two Million Visitors

Richard Cornelius Hodnefjell Roth (9) from Tananger welcomed visitor number two million to the Norwegian Pavilion today. Richard Cornelius is in Shanghai with his family after winning Norway at Expo’s slogan competition in April.

The competition was to create a slogan in under eight words related to both EXPO’s theme “Better City, Better Life” and the slogan for the Norwegian pavilion, “Norway, Powered by Nature”. Richard Cornelius won with the slogan “Green lungs create happy children,” which is inscribed in the Fjord area along with about 50 other quotations from Norwegian people.

– Two cute boys
Liu Meixiang from Chuzhou in Anhui Province visited EXPO today together with friend Yan Jun. Little did she know that she would be visitor number two million in the Norwegian Pavilion.

– We actually talked about the “Norwegian Wood” when we came to the European zone. While we stood in line outside, I said to my friend “I want to take picture with those two cute boys,” and it turned out that they came to receive us! It was totally unexpected. We are really lucky, said Liu Meixiang.

The two cute boys were Richard Cornelius and his younger brother Tobias. With sporty attitude they escorted the lucky visitors to a press conference with Chinese media. Richard Cornelius was also interviewed by both television and radio.

– I like Shanghai very much and EXPO is very exciting and I am looking forward to visiting the other pavilions, especially the Chinese, said the proud boy.

– After having visited the Norwegian Pavilion and got a glimpse of Norwegian nature, I think maybe we should plan a trip to Norway! concluded Liu Meixiang.

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