Paid 200,000 US $ For Cell Phone Number

Vietnamese believe that using good numbers they will be lucky in life and business. Based on this idea, many people pay billions of dong to own special phone numbers to get luck and to show off their “rank”. 

According to some online forums, a man recently paid $200,000 to buy the cell phone number 0903456789 (of MobiFone network). This number is expensive because 090 is the oldest network code and 3456789 is the best chain of forward numbers among ten-digit phone numbers. It is said that the price for this number is much higher now. 

A SIM shop recently offered this number 01666666666 (of Viettel) at 2.5 billion dong ($132,000). This is a special phone number because 16 means luck in business, nine six numbers mean being luck forever. 

VinaPhone’s number 0916888888 is fixed at 888 million dong ($46,700). It is explained that 091 is among the oldest network code in Vietnam, 168 means getting rich, and 888888 means good fortune.

People call this phone number as “Dream of Life”. It is forecast that the price of this phone number will exceed over 1 billion dong very soon. 

At present, two of seven mobile networks in Vietnam have launched programs to sell “special phone numbers” to customers, Viettel and VinaPhone.

Geomancer Nguyen Tuan Kiet from the Vietnam Geomancy JS Company explained that each chain of numbers has a “soul” like the name of a person. According to geomancy, the names or numbers have influences in terms of Yin and Yang and five basic elements to the owner’s life. 

He recommended people choose phone numbers based on geomancy. At present, numbers 8, 9 and 1 are considered good ones and Kiet recommended numbers with 8, 9 and 1 at the bottom. 

According to Kiet, numbers that benefit users must be fit the users in terms of five basic elements. For example, if a person was born in 1978, he belongs to element fire so his phone number should not include number 1. 

Therefore, good numbers depend on the user’s basic element.

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