Double Taxes in a Time of Recession

More than 50 people showed up at Wednesday morning’s Breakfast Seminar arranged by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce.

The arrangement was held at The Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, and 34 of the members who joined the seminar represented the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s always great to come by for some great food and meet some of your fellow expats, and especially today’s topic on economy is of huge interest for the most of us who attend these meetings,” said Poul Skov-Petersen from FireExpress about the seminar.

At this one, key guest speakers were from a world which circles around economy.

“The global recession is over, but we have to be very careful with how we proceed now. All the tools for falling down the drain once again are there,” Søren Skov Nielsen, Area Manager in Jyske Bank for South East Asia, said.

He used his 20 minutes as a guest speaker to concentrate about the elements, of which Jyske Bank focus on during the rehabilitation of the global economy.

“We have now postponed parts of our goals – for the third time. It is a new economic world we are looking at, and especially the consumer behaviour in the western world will influence and have the ability to change a lot,” Søren Skov Nielsen said with a focus on how the western world influences the upcoming industrial giants like China, Japan, and India.

The second part of the breakfast seminar was about the new Double Tax Treaty in Thai legislation.

Benjamas Kullakattimas, Tax Partner in KPMG, joined the seminar to explain the overall details of the of the new double tax treaty for expats living as either residents or non-residents in Thailand.

“I think this is important for all the members of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce. That is why we are here today,” Kullakattimas said to ScandAsia after her presentation.

The new legislation is quite complicated, and the presentation cast off loads of questions from the many listeners around the Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel.

“My belief is that many of us now has a better understanding of the new legislation after this. But it is very complex and has a lot of small hidden details in each individual case,” Poul Skov-Petersen said fully satisfied with the day’s event.

“For me, it is important to get out here and meet some of the people I represent  and work with and give the entire chamber a view into the way a private banking company as ours thinks at these times,” said Søren Skov Nielsen from Jyske Bank to ScandAsia in continuation of his presentation.

If you missed this Nordic Chamber seminar, the next one is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5.

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