Exciting New Brand in Style:Nordic

Ida Pyk is a fashion label created by model, writer and provocateur Ida Pyk. Ida Pyk’s vision is to highlight personal creativity and unconventional looks. The idea is to reflect the society we live in and make a statement, using humor and irony as a tool.

Victoria Karlsson, Managing Director & Design Director of Style:Nordic says in a company press release:

”I am really exited about having this new, charismatic designer represented in our Delfi Orchard store. We like to give our customers a chance to create their personal style. This gives them a unique chance to do so, since there will only be a limited number of each piece.”

When asked who should wear this new label, Ida Pyk says:

Everyone! Girls and boys, kids and grown-ups, models, non-models, fashionistas. Really, I think of my designs as quite strong and if they appeal to you, they will also fit you.”

Besides the new brand, there is huge selection of high class Scandinavian products in the stores and a multisensory Scandinavian experience awaits the discerning shopper who yearns for stylish but trendy products. Style:Nordic offers an elite range of Scandinavian renowned designer goods that include fashionable women’s clothing like Marimekko, minmarket and Odd Molly, stylish men’s fashion from Junk de Luxe and TIGER, homeware from Iittala and not least the portfolio of Scandinavian high-end design furniture.

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