Cycling Experts Anticipate ‘Bright Future’

High-profile delegates to the first China Eastern Bicycle Expo share their views on the sustainable growth of the industry.

Anders Pedersen, senior manager of the Denmark pavilion during the 2010 Shanghai Expo:

Cycling is not just a sport, not just a means of transport. It’s also a way of life that is green, healthy and fashionable. The expo is eyeing to promote a healthy, eco-friendly China.

The expo is also an important platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between enterprises, match-making between companies and ultimately-for achieving mutually beneficial, international cooperation. China’s bicycle industry will have a bright and prosperous future.

Wang Hongsheng, vice mayor of Suzhou:

The first China Eastern Bicycle Expo aims to build a platform for exchange and cooperation in the technological innovation of bicycles, electric vehicles and components. It is also expected to serve as a world-renowned purchase platform to spur export in the sectors.

I hope that the event’s sponsors and organizers will collaborate with participating companies and business people to develop it into a larger professional expo with greater influence both home and aboard.

I also hope they will contribute to the sound development of the bicycle industry in Suzhou, the Yangtze River Delta area and throughout the country.

Wang Fenghe, vice-president of China National Light Industry Council:

I feel honored to participate in the event. I am glad that the expo – though just in its first session – is so large, indicating that companies have positive market expectations.

Suzhou’s bicycle sector is flourishing, especially in Kunshan and Taicang. Bicycle and component makers have established large facilities and thus gained a competitive advantage.

Chen Zijing, president of Suzhou Bicycle Industry Association:

Suzhou, and surrounding areas have attracted many world-renowned, high-end bicycle and part makers. Their total exports account for some 25 percent of the nation’s total.

Suzhou has formed bicycle and electric vehicle industrial clusters well-known both home and abroad.

Featuring the slogan “low carbon fashion, harmonious future,” the China Eastern Bicycle Expo aims to promote bicycle culture and industrial transformation.

With 10,000 square meters of exhibitionsthousands of meters of forum space and 10,000 test zones, we wish to showcase the new bicycle culture and its state-of-the-art technologies and products.

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