New ambassador visited the Seamen’s Church

Friday, September 24, the new ambassador to Thailand, Katja Nordgaard, went on her first visit to Pattaya. And in that occasion, she wanted to visit the Seamen’s Church for more information and knowledge about the work at the church.

At the same time Katja Nordgaard met the many visitors from the Norwegian colony to get more familiar with how they live and thrive in Thailand.

It was a very positive ambassador who spoke warmly of the Seamen’s Church and the great cooperation between the embassy and the Seamen’s Church. A cooperation she hoped would only develop further.

Katja Nordgaard took the time to greet the great majority of the once present, and repeatedly sat down to have a nice conversation with many of the Norwegian residents.

And finally the new ambassador got a thorough tour and information about the work of the church by Pastor Jan Olav Johannessen.

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