Swedish Kim Faces the Death Penalty in Thailand

The Swedish daily Expressen published on Sunday 10 October an interview with Kim Roger Eriksson, 29, who was earlier this year arrested and charged with setting up a laboratory to produce the illegal drug “Ya E”. Among other things he told the newspaper’s Foreign Correspondent Michael Topffer that he is aware that he risks to get the death penalty for possession and production of more than 53 grams of methamphetamine.
During the entire interview the Swede is referred to as Kim Sirawan, which is his Thai wife’s last name that he took when they married. When the Swede was arrested in mid-July. 2010, his full name was Kim Roger Eriksson, and scandasia.com prefer to stick to that name.
Kim Eriksson, who originally is from the north western part of Sweden, explains about the condition in Klong Prem prison in Bangkok, where fights and drugs is a part of a violent environment.
He came to Thailand a couple of years ago and has been active in the Swedish real estate sector in the country, he says.
Kim Roger Eriksson claims he is innocent, According to him he hasn’t done what he is accused of. The laboratory, which the police found, he says, was not attempted to produce.
“I would not produce anything, just learn how it works. The knowledge I would just re-sell,” he claims.
He puts the blame for the whole mess on another Swedish man, a chemist whom he hired to teach him how a laboratory would work.
Kim Roger Eriksson suspects that the man also worked as an informer for the police. He disappeared shortly before the raid, which according Kim was led by the U.S. drug police DEA.

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