Danish Songwriter Benny Andersen Gives Concert In 798

On Sunday October 17th, people in Beijing will have the occasion to enjoy 90 minutes of Benny Andersen live. Not in Danish but in Chinese, as 14 of his songs will be performed by Chinese artists – and Benny Andersen in person – at the Rose Bud Theatre in 798 Art District. A cast of 11 top professional singers, actors and musicians and a children’s choir from Shanghai join forces to create a unique musical event that will celebrate the humor, poetry and human touch that are so characteristic of both Chinese and Danish cultures.

The concert starts at 3pm and is open to everybody who shows up.
Address: The Rose Bud, 798 Art District, Gate 2, 706 North 1st Street (next to Gallery Faurschou)

The program includes the following songs performed in Chinese:
Verdensborger i Danmark, Humørsvingninger, En sang om sang, Lille sang til Nina, Svantes lykkelige dag, I al slags vejr, Månen over Yangtzekiang, Serenade til Rosalina, Tidsel Tango,
Bjørnen vågner, Skynd dig langsomt, Olie Blues, Hymne til natten and Venne-sang

Benny Andersen: Piano
Wu Zeqi: Bel canto vocals and reeds
Wang Yi: Vocals and guitar
Zhang Yisong: Vocals and keyboards
Yang Fan: Vocals
Zhou Jingkun: Vocals
Yang Danyang: Vocals
Christopher Bo Bramsen: Soprano sax
Meng Qi: Electronic devises and manipulations
Song Yunqing: Pipa
Gao Li: Erhu
British International School in Shanghai: Children Choir

’The Other Andersen’ is produced by Zhang Bing and directed by Fang Tong upon an idea by Ji Xukun. The project is supported and sponsored by Augustinus Fonden, ØK’s Almennyttige Fond, S.C. Van Fonden, Beckett Fonden, Velux Fonden, Gurli og Poul Madsens Fond, Overretssagfører L. Zeuthens Mindelegat, Danske Populær Autorer, the Danish Arts Council, the Danish Culture Institute and the Royal Danish Embassy in China.

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