VisitBeyond: No Flood Panic

Although the flood coming from northern and central Thailand is threatening Bangkok, there is no greater reason to overreact, says Visit Beyond.

“We know there is a flood coming, but I don’t think it will mean much to us,” says Kim Martin Rasmussen, Travel Manager at Visit Beyond.

“We have informed our staff about the situation – especially the ones who work night shifts. If something sudden happens, they will know what to do,” he says.

Visit Beyond has also chosen to inform their guests about the possible flood.

“We have given a paper of instructions to all of our guests leaving them prepared to the fact that the water level can rise, and we have put up an info board to inform everyone,” Kim Martin Rasmussen says.

“But we are placed half a kilometre from the water, so we don’t really think that the flood will get to us.”

The flood of Bangkok is reportedly supposed to hit Bangkok today, Wednesday, while a major flood risk is predicted for Saturday 23. October.

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