Norwegian Elephant Friend in Flood Devastation

Per Arne Granbo says to ScandAsia, that the flooding has forced the people at the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village to perform a rescue mission and move 92 elephants to safer grounds a couple of kilometres away. The people themselves have had to find shelter with friends in the area. And Per is worried about the future of the elephants.

“I feel that I am an adopted part of the elephant village, and we really need everyone’s support,” he says.

The floods are a tragedy as well as an economically disaster for people all over Thailand. Also for the elephants and people at Royal Elephant Kraal and Village in Ayuttaya.

“Every day the Kraal loses money. Money they ill can afford to lose. As per today the amount reaches more than ½ million Baht, and the Thai government gives no support,” says Per Arne Granbo.

Therefore he urges everyone to look deep in there pockets to help his beloved elephants with a donation.

“The elephants are Thailand’s heritage. The history goes back nearly 5000 years. From being more than 100.000 elephants 100 years ago, we are now down to less than 4.000. Wild and domesticated,” Per Arne Granbo says with regret.

If you want to help the elephants in Ayuttaya, you will find all details how to donate on the web-site

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