Dane Found Dead in His Condo

A Danish Resident of Pattaya, Svend Valter Lunde Christiansen; was found dead in his South Pattaya condo on Monday Afternoon.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Narawit from Pattaya Police Station was called to the Kiengtalay Condo’s in Soi 6 off the Pratamnuk Road and was directed to room number 1234 on 12th floor where the body of Mr. Svend Valter Lunde Christiansen aged 56 was found on the floor next to the bed.

Also in the room was a considerable amount of alcohol and a selection of prescribed medications.

The body was found by the cleaner, Khun Jambee aged 41, who stated that she had last seen Mr. Christiansen on Wednesday and the condo office decided to allow the cleaner to enter the room with a master key.

Police do not suspect third-party involvement in the death and suspect this may have been either a suicide or a result of combining alcohol with prescribed medication.

Police will wait for the result of a post mortem examination before they proceed with the case.

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