Danish Giants Fight the Tea Party Movement

The big Danish groups Novo Nordisk, pharmaceutical company, and A.P.Møller-Mærsk, shipping company, support American politicians at the mid-term elections with several hundreds of thousands Danish kroner.

This appears from figures from the Center for Responsive Politics which oversees the economic support to American politicians. The largest Danish donor is Novo Nordisk which has donated over DKK 700,000 to a large number of candidates.

The Danish pharmaceutical company supports both Republicans and Democrats, the Democrats being the favoured group. The Democrat candidates receive 60 per cent of the support, although a big part of the American business community finds Obama directly anti-business.

The A.P.Møller-Mærsk group likes the Democrat candidates even more, as they receive 63 per cent of APM’s support which totally amounts to nearly DKK 650.000.
In many cases the support from the Danish groups goes to political opponants to the so-called Tea Party movement

For example, both A.P.Møller-Mærsk and Novo support Harry Reid, who is Democrat leader in the Senate and engaged in a close race with a Republican candidate from the Tea Party movement.

But it is not only Democrats who receive support from Novo and APM in their efforts to keep the Tea Party movement away from power. In many places they have also supported traditional Republican politicians.

Novo Nordisk supported the Republican Mike Castle who lost the primary election to the Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, and both companies supported the Republican Lisa Murkowski who lost the election to a Tea Party candidate in Alaska. She now continues the fight as independent.

The two Danish companies have increased their support heavily at these elections. At the mid-term elections in 2006 Novo Nordisk only donated DKK 40,000. A.P.Møller-Mærsk donated DKK 390,000 at the last mid-term elections, and at that time the Republicans got the largest share of the money, while the Democrats only got 22 per cent.

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