Thailand Scores High in Corrupt List

Thailand ranks 9th in Asia and 78th in the world in this year’s corruption index released by Transparency Thailand on Tuesday.

The kingdom scored 3.5 out of 10 in the honesty rankings, which range from zero for highly corrupt to 10 for very clean.

Last year, Thailand was ranked 10th of 23 countries in Asia and 87th of 178 countries in the world, showing some improvement.

Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore were the least corrupt countries in the world with a score of 9.3, followed by Finland and Sweden with 9.2.

Somalia was the most corrupt country with a score of 1.1.  Above it on the list were Burma 1.4, Afghanistan 1.4 and Iraq 1.5.

This year Thailand is the host of 14th international meeting against corruption entitled “Restoring Trust: Global Action for Transparency” on Nov 10-13 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.


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